Sunday, January 30, 2011

Filtered Shower Head

I live in West Texas and the water is so hard. I have read on the Long Hair Care Forum- (join it today!) that a Filtered Shower Head can help with hair growth. So I went out and purchased the Sprit Showers Filtered Showerhead- $27.00 at Lowes Home Improvement. I hope that it will help retain softer hair and skin. I really need to take some before and after pictures. I have been wearing a wig as my protective style since November I really see some hair growth. I will take some pictures of my braids when I get out the shower tonight. They are a week old but I guess you gotta start somewhere.

I purchased the combs that my idol- From Short To Long recommended on her blog, and I purchased the brush from Sallys' also. I wish I was more disciplined with the pictures, I think that is why I have followed her so faithfully. Well happy growing ladies.